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All products are crafted with love & by hand to inspire your soul !

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You can find some of our Syrups in the fridge at Hot and Soul Yoga Studios (Middletown or Colts Neck)

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Most can be made via special order + make great gifts or favors. 

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"I'm Feeling Myself" 

Schisandra Syrup

Treat yourself to the magic of schisandra. 


If there was ever an herb that had the ability to positively influence multiple facets of the human body, it would be the schisandra berry. It is known as the five flavor berry, meaning it is complete! 

Why is this complex flavor profile significant? Chinese medicine associates the five fundamental tastes with the five major organs: the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and spleen. This unique flavor combination provides these organs with harmony and vital energy (or life force). It helps to improve circulation, strengthen the heart, aid in digestion and increase bile secretion. And not to mention this berry is excellent as a restorative and aphrodisiac.

She helps nurture our relationship with self and overall gives us a sense of radiance from within. The addition of Rose helps open the heart to the beauty of life 

$15 for 4 oz bottle. Home made with love in small batches. 

Take alone or add to juices or tea to create an herbal mocktail

Organic Schisandra Berry, Dried Orange Peel, Dried Rose, Local Honey + Filtered Water. 

6 month refrigeration shelf life! But it will be long gone before then!

Immunity Boosting

Elderberry Syrup

A broad spectrum anti-viral!! Within 24 hours, elder berries can deactivate a flu or cold, making it unable to inhabit our healthy cells and thrive in our body. They are rich in anti-oxidants, cool down excess heat/inflammation and help cleanse the blood and lymph which has the capacity to move dead virus cells and metabolic waste from previous illnesses, allowing us to recover more quickly.  Reduces congestion and pressure in the sinuses, alleviates sinus headaches and reduces irritability in your respiratory tract.


Daily use: 1 Tbsp of Elderberry Syrup a day

When sick or feeling under the weather: 1 TBSP every 2 hours. It will decrease the severity and length of your symptoms.

8 ounce bottle $28 each 

6 month refrigeration shelf life. But it will be long gone before then!

Herbal Infused Massage Oils and Body Butter

Passionflower Herbal Anointing Oil or Herbal Infused Body Butter 

Lavender Herbal Anointing Oil or Herbal Infused Body Butter

We infuse jojoba oil with herbal plants to receive the medicinal properties through our largest organ, the skin!

To make the body butter I triple whip the oil with shea + cocoa butters to make the most nourishing, divinely healing body butter imaginable. 

Pure EO are added to provide a light scent to the body butter. 

All products come with a symbolism scroll transpiring the essence of the herbs, benefits of ingredients + care application

Herbal Infused Jojoba Oil 4 oz $18 each

Triple Whipped Bod Budda 5 oz $22 each

Made with LOVE + in small batches, sustainable and cruelty free.

Herbal Tea Blends

I love making tea! I drink tea every day, all day! 

I blend loose teas using fresh and dried herbs from my garden and local farms. Each comes with instructions on use. 

Contact me to make your own Intuitive Tea blend, personalized for your medicinal, spiritual and emotional needs!

By Donation $10-20 (Give what you can)


We offer incense straight from India, which supports a local Vrindavan family business. I was introduced to this family while on pilgrimage in 2019. The incense are rolled with the finest of natural oils and herbs. They smell so divine + will be very supportive of your meditation practice.  

We offer mixed bundles of 30 for $20. 

Smudge Stix

Palo Santo is dipped in air purifying beeswax then rolled in home-grown incense, herbs & flora. Palo Santo is 'sacred wood' and itself smells sweet. The additional herbs add their own fragrance and magic!  The Palo Santo is ethically sourced and has energetically cleansing properties which aides in connecting with the divine, purifies environments & people, attracts positivity, calms the mind, relieves anxiety and aides in concentration. 

Sold for $15 each bundle. Each bundle comes in a heart embossed jute satchel with instructions. 

No longer available

Intention Meditation Candle 

I lovingly roll candles of all sizes in small batches with intentional herbs that promote connection. 

Candles are a very supportive way to incorporate meditation and manifestation into your life. Each purchase comes with a care & info card on how you can utilize the candles. 

Please note these are NOT SCENTED. 

Not current Stock, Made special for order only. 

Shower Steamers  

Our shower steamers are made with LOVE, baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot, natural fruit dyes and the best essential oils from doterra and young living. 

Eco-friendly packaging is a priority, Cruelty Free and Vegan! Many different scents to choose from. 

Includes instructions on how to use included

No current stock, Made special to order!

'Out of my head and into my hands' 

creations + arts

in addition to the products above I seasonally create using whatever media is fresh in my hands. Below are some examples of ornaments, coasters, eye pillows, plant holders, mosaic art and such that I have created in the past with clay, tiles, wood, paint, fabric and more! 

I hope you Enjoy!