From my heart to yours....

Welcome to my Heart Space,

Since I can remember, I have been exploring a deeper meaning to life. 

To better understand my self, 

to better understand people around me, 

to better understand how we all got here! 

No matter what you believe, it is wild how we are all here on earth together! 

This journey of remembering and self realization would not have been possible without my yogic practices. 

My journey helped me remember.......

That I am a spirit soul.

That I am enough. 

That I am loved and that love is the way.

That I am connected. Divinely connected.

This journey helped relieve my mind + opened up my heart. 

And as I continue on this journey to learn, heal and grow, I recognize the overwhelming need for others to be seen and held in community. 

So the birth of The Heart Space is for just that! 

Our mission is to support you in creating an intentional and meaningful life. 

I don't ascribe to one way, I believe we all have our own unique way of healing and that you are your own teacher. The guru is within.......

I am committed to creating and holding a compassionate, creative, supportive and encouraging atmosphere that fosters your overall well-being (physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually). 

Let's do this, together!

with love + hugs!


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